Core ValuesBuilding Relationships since 1979

Core Values


Building Relationships

We build relationships with all roll players and pay particular attention to the following:

Clients – we build relationships with our Clients by delivering quality buildings on time

Professionals – we build relationships with the professional team by doing what it takes to get the job done, which includes finding ways to work with the team, being proactive in ensuring information flow and solving problems face-to-face

Subcontractors – we build relationships with subcontractors by planning properly and communicating this with the subcontractors, as we know that the subcontractors’ time is his money

Our team (Staff) – we appreciate what our teammates do to make a project successful

Competitors – we maintain positive interactions with similarly minded companies


Deliver on Time

We give clear instructions
We work our challenges into the programme and don’t use the programme as an excuse not to deliver
Therefore - no excuses for not delivering on time

Deliver Quality

We deliver quality by checking every day what was done the previous day and correcting immediately
We ensure that our team is operating in the right environment (lights, access and clean safe environment) to enable us to achieve a quality building
We involve the professional team in delivering quality on an on-going basis

Health & Safety

We always apply health & safety rules.
We apply logic and we are fair.
We are observant.